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  1. Up for sale is the Nismo suspension off my Aero S15. Offered as an optional extra from Nissan with the Aero from factory, it's a great option for those wanting to get the lowered look at a fraction of the price of coilovers. No mechanical issues at all, only done 10,000km on them in the last 4 years. Car is driven monthly. $500. Pictures on the Gumtree Ad: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/1122353346
  2. PM Sent about diffuser
  3. C-west style carbon fibre s15 bonnet

    If you change your mind about postage to NSW let me know...
  4. So i have been trying to find somewhere to buy some carbon parts for my S15 including a bonnet, boot etc and it just seems so hard to find in Sydney which seems ridiclous. I have emailed several places including Japwarehouse.com but even they are out of stock and don't know when the next stock will be in. Where has everyone got their carbon parts without almost the cost of the item for shipping from overseas? After this style: But also interested in Dmax
  5. Hey mate, is the wing carbon?
  6. Rocket Bunny S15 Kit

    Anyone know how much these are going for? Looking at doing a Widebody build next year.
  7. Burnt Exhaust Tip

    Anyone done this on their stainless steel exhaust? Any tips or tricks before I go at it with a blow torch 😋
  8. HID Colour difference

    Yeah I got new globes from the seller and the new globes are still giving the same issue so it must be the ballast. Oh well excuse to upgrade! So are the Philips kits the best on the market?
  9. HID Colour difference

    So my car came with cheap HID's and one side is 8K blue and the other is pure white. I swapped the globes and the colours were the same. Is this an issue with the ballast or perhaps the power supply? Anyone seen something similar? I am more than happy to pay the $150 for quality Phillips ones but just wanted to find out what's going on...
  10. Rough idea of front bar re-spray cost?

    $500 i could definitely live with... I am going to fit up the canards and side under canards too and get the whole thing re-sprayed after the holes are drilled. So f**king annoying man because the entire car was re-sprayed after it was keyed about a year and a half ago and the thing literally does not have one scratch.
  11. So i was parking the S15 the other day, and i am obsessively careful about my car but i hit a parking barrier and it flexed the front bar and chipped the paint in two places and caused spider-web cracks which will only get worse. So i am using this as an excuse to get some carbon side under, and normal cannards and get some aero happening on the front bar but how much roughly am i looking at for a front bar re-spray? The car is pearl white which i know is going to cost a little more to colour match...
  12. Air Bag Bolts won't come off! (S15)

    Yep looks like I have the wrong boss kit then if the clock spring is meant to stay on... Damn
  13. Air Bag Bolts won't come off! (S15)

    There literally isn't. It seems like such a common simple thing and this is confusing everyone way too much.
  14. Air Bag Bolts won't come off! (S15)

    So it's actually the wrong boss kit, or I need to take the clock spring off before I put it on?
  15. Air Bag Bolts won't come off! (S15)

    Okay boys here is the issue. Below is pictured the short hub and the clock spring. I need to know, do you remove the clock spring? The prongs on the short hub cannot fit with it on. If so does anyone know how to wire up the horn without it?