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  1. Green Machine

    Moved the car from parents to my place, now i have my hoist its back on track.
  2. Green Machine

    Great Video
  3. Green Machine

    Cant wait to finish this car, once my shed is build its happening!!!
  4. Brand New SBC Chev 383 Stroker Roller Cam Engine Swap for Bobcat ⁄ Ski Steer ⁄ Excavator ⁄ Tractor Loader Professonlay built by SP Automotive Engineering (60 Years Combined Experience) Blure Printed & Completely Balanced Brand new 4 Bolt Main GM Block (2pc Real Main Seal) Billet Steel 4340 Scat Stroker Crank Scat H Beam 6" Rods SRP Forged Pistons 11:1 Comp Moly Rings King H Series Race Bearings Dart Pro 1 230cc Alluminium Heads Complete with Stainless Valves and Heavty Duty Double Valve Springs⁄Retainers Roller Master Race Timing Chain and gears Comp Roller Cam Lunati Roller Lifters Scorpian 1:5 Roller rockers, ARP Rocker Studs ARP Guide Plates ARP Head Studs ARP Main Studs CNC Billter Steel Main Cap Girdle Edlebrock Air Gap Single Plan Manifold 168 Tooth, 11" Billet Steel Flywheel Felpro Gasket Set Melling HV Oil Pump Made 465hp on engine dyno with mild cam that is in it with 650DP, Engine is brand new only run in. Add bigger cam, bigger carbie, some NOS, 600hp chev engine you can rev all day long. Cost to Built 14k 13k or intersted in swap for bocat ⁄ skid steer ⁄ tractor loader
  5. XR6 Turbo/XR8 AP Racing Big Brake Kit 4 pot AP Racing front and rear calipers 330mm 2 piece dba 5000 front rotors 315mm dba rear rotors Good ridge braided brake lines Ferrado brake pads 80% Will fit sedan, ute or wagon Rotors will need replacing Selling as is $2000 MAKE AN OFFER I NEED THEM GONE
  6. Green Machine

    Yes the fuel is cooled on the return line, your fuel system is a circulating systems so what ever hot fuel from the engine bay isn't used is returned back to your tank, therefore you want to cool the fuel down as much as possible before it mixes with the cool fuel still in the tank. The cooler the fuel the more power your are going to make, hence why people use methanol as its such a cold liquid already. But when running pump 98 when im not running e85 i want the cooler in place to have the advantage of running cooler fuel all of the time. The fuel is also heated up when being forced through multiple fuel pumps so anything you can do to reduce the heat is a win.
  7. Green Machine

    To draw what ever fresh ever comes in from the opening in behind the rear quarter panel
  8. Green Machine

    EGT's done, rear end back in, brake caliper brackets machined for correct rotor clearance, time to make new dump and wastegate pipes
  9. Momo Steering Wheel - $150

    Price : $150 Condition : Used BUMP
  10. Price : $125 Condition : Used BUMP
  11. Price : $200 Condition : New BUMP
  12. Price : $125 Condition : Used BUMP
  13. Price : $200 Condition : New BUMP
  14. Momo Steering Wheel - $150

    Price : $150 Condition : Used BUMP