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  1. Gary's S14A.

    Interested to see how this goes. Are you using the DL1 data logger with the dash?
  2. Bodykitquestion S15

    JSAI Aero in NSW make it
  3. Not having a dig, but who's to say that a second hand motor from an importer hasn't been thrashed either? There have been cases of engines being removed from ex-drift/track cars, as well as genuine written off vehicles
  4. A mate of mine de-powered his steering rack and it turned to crap. Would rather buy a proper manual rack... Same mate I'm talking about followed that DIY thread, and now he's looking for a replacement rack haha
  5. Hi guys I'm looking for a Manual steering rack, does anyone have a suggestion as for where I can get one? Atomic Rex in the UK used to do one, however they have gone under Another option is a custom steering rack from unisteeer: http://www.unisteer.com/custom-built-rack-pinions/custom-unisteer-rack-and-pinion.html Going into my track only S15. Reasons for swapping include simplicity and more room in the engine bay Cheers
  6. LS2T 180sx

    Interested in seeing this progress!