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  1. brisbane chinese restaurants

    Best place is in Darra. Called Yum Yum Peking Duck. It's a small place but it does it awesome. Yours truly, Peking Enthusiast
  2. It's finally running.

    All good - I found the parts I needed. Then needed fuel pump hanger. Now just waiting to hear back on what's needed next...
  3. S13 Rolling shell (front end damage)

    If the fuel tank is in good condition + interior/dash loom I will take both, robbo can take the dash, youll have a pretty good wad of cash then and others will take other parts for sure
  4. All S13 Parts For Sale! - $180

    You wouldnt have the interior body loom would you ?
  5. Just kidding. But it's getting close. It holds idle but there are a few barriers to overcome before it gets tuned: Need a S13 Fuel Tank in good condition and a S13 body wiring loom / harness. Thought I would ask the QLD community and the WTB section so if you know of someone or a friend of a friend of a friend let me know. Chasing it asap.
  6. Chasing S13 fuel tank in good condition also S13 body wiring loom/harness happy to pay postage. 0459 166 368
  7. S13 S14 DET igniter.

    Hey mate where abouts do you live ? I would only need it for a couple of days to diagnose the problem - can leave $50 with you for holding etc?

    I'm finally finishing my car this year O_O
  9. Make : HONDA VTR250 Kilometres : 18000 Price : $3,900 Condition : Used **My number 0459 166 368** - Well maintained and serviced (will come with fresh filter and oil) - Great condition for its age and low KM's too (I searched and waited for over 6 months for a VTR before I bought this one with around 13,000km on the odometer) - Never been in an accident - Everyone will tell you these things handle superbly and they really do, I have yet to find a bike that feels quite the same - Extremely forgiving for new riders and still enough poke to keep you excited for a long time - V-Twin rumbles beautifully with new aftermarket exhaust - Michelin Pilot Power's for tread (best rubber for it) - Paint in good condition - Hard to find black/gold colour scheme with genuine low km's RWC is ready to go - Brian from http://www.motorcycleroadworthys.com.au/ can vouch for you that the bike is in top condition! $3750 WITHOUT REGO but comes with RWC Will throw in new aftermarket mirrors for it too which will update the old circular ones. A few months ago I went hunting for a VTR for a friend of mine who is a new rider and we did not find anything near this quality and price, he settled on a Spada which turned out to be a lemon anyway with blown seals and bearings for $3000 and 55,000km on the clock.
  10. Yo guys does anyone have one I could borrow for a day / for sale. Need to diagnose why only two cylinders are firing cheers
  11. kempO power brace

    i have some fender braces but they dont fit keen to try yours
  12. Becoming a Platinum Sponsor

    farking hell you guys are helpful I don't feel comfortable calling loz's mobile - I have 2 questions I want to ask thats all
  13. i got them made for me yup, needed bigger offsets but that was the max they did they can make them in any specification - within reason haha