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  1. Make : YAMAHA YZF-R125 Kilometres : 0 Price : $4,000 Condition : Used Up for sale is my 2009 Yamaha YZF-R125 Bike has the following aftermarket bits LED parker 8000k HID drive light Tail tidy Arrow exhaust (this exhaust makes it sound like no other 125!) Michelin PILOT SPORTY tyres Metal Gear Organic rear brake pads recent service at Custom 88 - 5600km on 2/1/13 7500km's as of 24/6/13 included in the service was oil change oil filter change tighten chain lube chain brake fluid change air filter clean 2 x original keys log books $14-$16 a tank will get about 350+/- k's!!!!! Rego till 22 april 2014 asking $4000 Price is negotiable more photos upon request RIDING GEAR NOT INCLUDED
  2. Price : $450 Condition : Used selling 3 x Rota DPT's size 18x9 offset +38 Bronze in colour 5x100/114.3 comes with nexen NS-II - 215/40/18's with about 80% tread on it average condition 1 wheel has crack but has been re-welded, holds air and drives fine. located in liverpool. NSW
  3. Work Vs-ss 3pc - $1,100

    Price : $1,100 Condition : Used Up for sale are my work VS-SS sizes are 18x8 +38 18x9 +45 powder coated in bronze, will come with lug nuts and center caps as well as a can of touch up paint lug nuts are M12x1.25 price is $1100 negotiable located in Liverpool NSW
  4. ns.com Whos Who In NSW

    Name: Robert Car: r32 GTS-t (sedan)

    yep, could be pedal box bracket...take a look underneath for cracks or broken parts. usually happens when you upgrade clutches.
  6. Hey guys, my bracket snapped and need to take it out and get it welded. Anyone know how to take it out? How many bolts etc? Thanks!
  7. Hey guys, just wondering which one the drain bolt is for the sr20 gear box on a s15 6speed also where is the clutch slave bleeder nipple for the sr20 out of a 180 5speed thanks in advanced!
  8. post deleted

    hey mate, do you have a vertex kit that'll fit r32 sedan? let me know. thanks.
  9. hey greg, ill take one. pm me bank details.
  10. need urgent help!

    oh ok so both the nipples on the cube should be reduced to one hose and connected to the wastegate actuator?? It definately was the bov and not the turbo spooling. Also, since removing the bov and returning it to the way it was its boosting at 8psi again, not 12. thanks alot guys!
  11. need urgent help!

    heres what the cube looks like
  12. need urgent help!

    i dont know what it is...but its part of the BC thats for sure...its the same colour.
  13. Currently have this setup on my sr20 blacktop; Is this setup properly? because the BOV is making the noise whilst im still accelerating..isnt it suppose to release as i let go of the accelerator? It was boosting at 8psi before this and now its on 12 for some reason...i've checked that the hoses arent loose or anything already as well. Looking on my friends rb20 he has 1 hose from the BC to the wastegate and 1 to the turbo...whilst the one on the bov is to the intake manifold [or somewhere close]. Is mine suppose to be like this too? thanks heaps!
  14. if it still vibrates without the spacers definitely needs wheel balance. or like someone else said buckled rim
  15. Hi Everyone

    nice car! and welcome to the forums.