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  1. -Wolf 3d version 4 straight plug in for s14 seies 2 or s15. comes with hand controller boxes & manauls as new. still has the program which i ran 11.70 @ 118 mph at calder park. 0424605691 $500 firm for quick sale
  2. WOLF 3D V4 plug in ECU for s14/5 with hand controller Full plug and play for S14 S15 Like new condition 0424605691 $500 firm for quick sale
  3. Make : FORD F350 Transmission : Kilometres : 0 Price : $15,000 Condition : Used FORD F350 TILT TRAY 1981, Ford F350 tilt tray tow truck. Very good truck for all modified, lowerd and b/kitted show and race cars. no job too low for this truck, loads all the slammed jap cars as easy as a four wheel drive. Very heavy duty the way its built, with a long tray, full hydrualic tilt tray with extra ramps if car is low. heavy duty hydraulic winch would pull your house down. also has a line locker brake system to ensure its stays put while u pull up the heaviest job. Big dollars spent on the fresh engine(5,000km) old modified cleavland 351 which consist of, reco'ed high compression heads, mild port job, oversized valves, 3 tripple h/d valve springs, big lumpy custom camshaft, new push roads, heavy duty oil pump and oil pump drive. not to mention the edelbrock airgap inlet manifold, on a gasresearch straight gas system. brand new electronic dizzy with racing ignition leads. new water pumps, belts, spark plugs, $800 radiator and a huge truck battery. also fitted is and Xtreme extra heavy duty clutch. All new brakes all round, including every spring, retainer, adjusters on the rear end, new b/booster, resevoir and clutch master. brand new heater core. fresh twin gas tanks, and a $980 two piece tail shaft. This truck is currently tt plated so is fit for work on the highways with all rotating lights and spot lights comes with NO REG therefore i have dropped the price almost in half need a quick sale Very attractive truck, and show/race car friendly. 0424 605 691
  4. BMW M5 525i E34 - $4,500

    Make : BMW Transmission : Kilometres : 216000 Price : $4,500 Condition : Used Title: BMW M5, 525i e34 Category: Performance & Sports Cars Price: $5,000 Information: BMW 525i 1990 M5 replica Original M5 Recaro interior, including tan leather electric seats, 300K/M dash, door trims, and parcel shelf, all in Tan colour. M5 Body Kit. BIG STEREO - Alpine Flat screen T.V Deck and six stack MP3 player, DVD/Sat Nav Compatible, 2x Infinity Splits, 15 Inch Rockford Sub, 2 x amps, Infinity & JL Audio Mono block AMP. Capacitor and appropriate wiring and fuses. Reconditioned head only 500kms ago, but a simple fault in the fan wiring caused the head gasket to blow again. New water pump, brand new $750 radiator, thermostat, timing belt/tensioners, fan belts, filters, spark plugs, leads, heavy duty battery etc. Pedders lowered suspension. New Munroe shocks front and rear, and spare front strut inserts. New Front End suspension component Custom ordered BBS 18 inch Rims with Tyres. Disc Rotor cross drilled upgrade New Rear Drive Shafts Lots of Money spent over time all on quality parts and extra's...no corners cut. Real head turner, very clean car. FOR MORE DETAILS PLEASE CALL 0424 605 691
  5. Need urgent assistance

    Call Freddy at Topstage on 0401216460 the bodykit king!
  6. can anyone tow the d1 r31 wagon to calder

    i guess u wont need me to tow ur car to rank/sabbadin any more!!!!!! lol!
  7. What Motor to Put in a Q

    dont go a nissan motor man. put a 1j in it.
  8. Automotive Engine Silicone

    i use the one called Ultra Copper. it is orange and is suitable for sumps, exhaust flanges and heaps more places.
  9. LAG! how much do u have?

    the bog down is the worst. sticks remember the rex we had sandwich at the lights that night. lights went green and us two bogged it, then we looked at each other as we were waiting for boost and we both backed it off and cruised. that was a pisser.
  10. Piston Slap

    does it have forgies?
  11. LAG! how much do u have?

    you know how laggy my bitch is man. starts spooling at 4500rpm and hits fullboost just over 5000rpm Garret 450hp ball bearing with .6 front with .86 rear
  12. S13 Ignition Timing

    the igniter should have a small wire looped around in a circle. place the timing light on that loop wire. it should read there.
  13. t28 upgrade question

    elongate one hole in the dump pipe. the oil drain flange, elongated the two bolt holes inwards to make fit. and modify the inlet pipe.