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  1. Do timing chains stretch?

    Nah tuner is a top Melbourne tuner and he had it screaming. No way would he have gave it back like this and said right to drive for now. Only change I have done is bov
  2. Do timing chains stretch?

    OK so put standard bov back in and its still pinging the same. Yeh I run a boost controller, blitz dual SBC at about 18psi. And before anyone asks yes I have all the proper support mods, it was previously running around 230rwkw
  3. Do timing chains stretch?

    Did you fix these small leaks? Yeh, I didn't block off the ventilation hose at start so may have been this mostly coming out dipstick, either way all sealed and still pinging
  4. Do timing chains stretch?

    Also if it is bov that was leaking, (correct me if I am wrong) but considering it was tuned to that leak, once leak is sealed there would effectively be a lot more air going into engine (compared to initial tune) causing it to lean out and ping like crazy. Am I on the right track here? Unless it was an external leak though this air would still be metered though since coming/going to intake pipe. Hmmm Split oil return hose? How would this effect it? There was a bit of oil below turbo when I checked dump before
  5. Do timing chains stretch?

    Yeh I have blocked off both of those and then did pressure test on intake. I removed afm and sealed off, plugged up breather hose that goes from intake pipe to rocker cover (so i dont pressurise engine) and then ran 30psi into the intake and pressurised it to see if I got any leaks. Had a couple small leaks on intake but nothing drastic. If it was fuel pump or lack of fuel issues it should be a lot more obvious on the dyno read outs I would have thought If bov is farked wouldn't it be leaking back into the intake effectively reducing pressure/boost? I'm wondering if this is what's happening and why it isn't hitting full boost until 5k
  6. Do timing chains stretch?

    I blocked the in and outlet of bov and the vac line to the top of the bov. I'm assuming that's correct?
  7. Do timing chains stretch?

    OK so it looks like cam and ignition timing are OK, done a pressure test on intake piping which all looks OK, measured up links of new timing chain to current to see if stretched, looks OK, but got fake bov which is now removed and blocked and causing car to now ping like crazy. If anyone got any info/advice on dodgy bov's would be appreciated
  8. Do timing chains stretch?

    Wait a sec, it's meant to be at 15 degrees btdc isn't it? Ok I confused myself, in that case it may be off by a degree but not much more so it isn't far off
  9. Do timing chains stretch?

    Yeh I gave it some revs to double check, slightly advances it more but doesn't jump or change timing. If I just clamp it straight onto that loop wire at back of the head as per workshop manual it goes bananas, have to leave timing gun clamp open a little to get a proper reading and all timing lines appear, I've been told previously to do this to get a proper reading. If tps is connected it goes whack from memory maybe cause of vtc or something?
  10. Do timing chains stretch?

    Ok so timing is way advanced, disconnected tps and ran on the wire at back of the head and it's way advanced at first notch to the right. Going to check cas now. Cas has been checked upon installation and by tuner (although not with timing light like now I don't think) which is a bit confusing. I'm running a nistune, would what he sees show if cas is installed properly?
  11. Do timing chains stretch?

    Alright I'll check it out today
  12. Do timing chains stretch?

    Ok sorry had some time away from it, deleted the bov and blocked it all off and it's pinging like crazy even on low boost. Wtf does that mean? Vacuum on idle is -43cmhg, -18-20 in what units?
  13. Do timing chains stretch?

    Could a slight leak with exhaust manifold gasket give me such a headache? there sounds like a slight exhaust leak from engine bay when driving (nothing crazy, barely audible) and gasket wasnt best condition. Also idle seems pretty lumpy compared to previously and these cams have less duration than previous ones which is weird, should be the opposite I thought
  14. Do timing chains stretch?

    The tuner said cas was put in properly, he only had to adjust it a tiny bit
  15. Do timing chains stretch?

    Yes I've checked this, there is no problem between cams, this isn't the problem. I'll double check CAS but tuner said that wasnt the issue (he can see that can't he?)