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  1. I think Whiteys wiring was making some kind of harness for the Yaris coils, goes by Protieus on here, hit him up if your interested in going down that road
  2. S15 Grip/Street/Track build thread

    Looking good mate, what's it cost to get a steering wheel re upholstered??
  3. Replace water hoses that run under inlet manifold while it's off coz they are a prick to get at while it's on
  4. Could the injectors need cleaning as well if there was that much crap in the system??
  5. Overfuelling is usually more of a black smoke
  6. How old are u and what import you drive?

    Yep you don't stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing
  7. Or possibly fuel pressure regulator When it's idling roughly try crimping the rubber return line to the tank and see if it improves idle, I've had one go and it gave similar symptoms to what you've described
  8. How old are u and what import you drive?

    Im 43, had a 180 and an s15 but sold them for practicality with a family, have got an s13 track car but since moving to cairns 10 months ago it hasn't seen any action. Will hopefully be getting down to a drift day at Townsville at the end of the month Also have a Corolla as a kahnacross car to try and fill the need for getting sideways up here
  9. My passion!

    Looks great mate, kinda makes me regret selling my type X, keep the updates coming
  10. New member, and possible Type X owner

    Have a look for cracks in the front suspension towers down low as well, if it's had stiff coilovers put in it can get stress cracks through there
  11. New guy moving to Oz!

    Goldcoast/Brisbane has a fair bit to offer, plenty of track time out at QR, you can also check out secretdrift.com for info etc
  12. Yep time to get one of those greyhound gearboxes eh
  13. VCT rattle?? What motor is it??
  14. Nah mate you don't need to waste your money on some crazy gearbox that's got animals stuffed in it, all you need to do is make sure you rev it out until exactly 9875rpm each gear change and soon enough she will be making some hecticly siiiiiick POP noises
  15. WOW - What happened?

    Following but only for the aforementioned cunts