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  1. Drop $1500 for wreck with coilys
  2. Part: Rb25DET Package 120,xxx Km Fwd Greddy style Plenum, 90mm throttle body Billet fuel rail, 1000cc injectors Splitfire coils, New coil loom Igniter Full Loom Z32 afm and pod Power FC ECU and Hand controller Just needs exhaust side Location: Adelaide Contact Details: PM me. Asking Price: $2000ono Pick-up/Postage Arrangements: Pickup Part: Full Manual conversion with Rb20det Box Everything included including shifter suround and trim, every nut and bolt Location: Adelaide Contact Details: PM me. Asking Price: $1200ono Pick-up/Postage Arrangements: Pickup Part: 3 Month old BC racing coilovers suit AUS del with Hubs welded on Will Remove from car if std fronts provided in return, dont care about condition as car is being scrapped anyway (front end collision) Also selling the wreck they are in, was the cleanest example before front damage. Car still runs and drives straight Has clean plates.. has not been written off, just had the rego cancelled. 150xxx Kms, white Series 3 Everything from the front doors back is still mint inside and out motor is still good, everything in front of that... not so good. can provide pictures Location: Kadina Contact Details: PM me. Asking Price: $2000ono for whole car $1000 For coilys and exchange front struts Pick-up/Postage Arrangements: Pickup
  3. 1998 series 2 JZX100 Chaser Tourer V Good condition inside and out, Well Maintained LOW KS! I am the second owner in AUS (besides importer) since the car was imported Early 2013, the car went through as Grade 4. Mechanically Very good! Serviced every 5000km with Penrite oil and New Plugs 1JZ VVTI 2.5L Turbo with only 109xxx Kms 5 speed manual with New HD clutch and Chromoly lightened flywheel less than 1000km old. New BC Height and damper adjust Coilovers only 3000km Old New Top Control arms, New Top and Lower Balljoints. 3" catback exhaust with New xForce S/S Muffler at rear Car has the aftermarket TRD 2 way Mechanical LSD worth Nearly 2k Also has a Brand New A/C compressor reciever dryer and regas done last yr Never had a fmic fitted, still has stock side mount Interior is very Tidy and always kept Clean, Pretty much standard besides a 7" DD Pioneer DVD player fitted with Tweeters mounted on the rear view mirror cards, as they would not fit in the factory spots, HERTZ Speakers Front and Rear, has 2 small holes ontop of dash to the right where a boost guage was mounted in japan, small hole in rear bar that was there when i bought it, always had a sticker over it. Exterior is in good nick, has the weathershields fitted. The headlights have been properly polished and UV sealed. Few small ships on the front lip due to shit aussie roads, and few other marks here and there.. can provide pics. Has Chrome door handles and the factory HIDs fitted with 8000k globes. Currently has 6 month old Genuine Work Emotion XD9s fitted, 18x9 +30 F, 18x10 +38 R. $15,500 FIRM!! Priced to sell as im heading overseas, was up for $18k, My lose is your gain! Selling unregistered, due to having another car for daily duties and bike to get to and from work. or can add rego, and will throw in a TRD Aero Grill worth $200+, Full set of std shocks and spring assy, aswell as Greddy bov for $15,800 Any Questions pls Email or TXT 0448367886 Will Not Part Out No Low Ball Offers, They Will Be Ignored
  4. NEED GONE! ALL REASONABLE OFFERS CONSIDERED! Up foresale is my 2008 Suzuki GS500F (Bike is ALWAYS Garaged and cleaned after rides) 33,XXXkm It is a great medium sized bike and perfect for daily ride, work commute or that weekend cruise With plenty of power, Great handling and comfortable riding position for any rider. I have had the bike almost 8 months and it had its major service including new chain, sprokets, valve clearences and fluids done when i picked it up. Since owning it i have, rejetted and tuned the carbs aswell as adding a K&N lunch box filter HID kit, Smoked tail light, LED indicators and LED flasher relay. I have also fitted a Yamaha R1 titanium exhaust, which is painted black as the carbon wrap started to peel, it will come with the std muffler also. The rear tyre is only about 1000km old and the front is about 40% I have been using the bike too and from work every day and the odd trip to adelaide, aswell as the recreational after work rides. Getting around the 320-350km/Tank on $25 fuel it is cheap transport. I have also removed all the decals, (besides the tank ones as they are clear coated over from factory) due to them peeling and faded. I personally didnt mind that look anyway. Was asking $3600, Dropped to $2900!! Cash Talks!, Purchased another bike and need the room!
  5. Few 200sx S14 parts

    Item: S14 200sx S1 Tail lights and Garnish Description: As above, excellent condition s1 200sx tail lights and center garnish Price: $100 ono Location: Kadina, SA Willing to post?: can do for a fee or drop around Adelaide for fuel Contact: Pm, or text 0448367886 Item: Rear strut brace and subframe brace Description: As above, brand new Price: $80 ono Location: Kadina, SA Willing to post?: can do for a fee or drop around Adelaide for fuel Item: S14 200sx S1 std cooler and some/most piping Description: As above, used good nick Price: $50 ono Location: Kadina, SA Willing to post?: can do for a fee or drop around Adelaide for fuel Item: S14 200sx S1 Spoiler, Emerald Green Description: As above, excellent condition Price: $20 ono Location: Kadina, SA Willing to post?: can do for a fee or drop around Adelaide for fuel
  6. if the inj are leaking, it will generally blow smoke on start up and cough and splutter, u can get your mechanic to check tho, theres also a Cold start valve, which could be caked with shit, or not working correctly.
  7. HID probelm....

    i had a simular issue with my s14, its a $80 HID KING kit, was working sweet, but every now and again when you turn high beams off the LH High beams would stay on and id have to flick them off then on again, until the other day i pulled over to get fuel, turned them off. got fuel, turned them on and no low beams, check the HID fuse and it was blown, and keeps blowing every fuse i throw at it, it may be the control unit i havent really checked, trying to get it off defect atm
  8. Wheel bearing symptoms?

    you should get a knocking noise if its bad, easiest way is jack it up like 6330 said and move it side to side up and down etc you will be able to feel it even if its slight, also check the rear brakes make sure nothing is stuck in the pads, tho you should be able to see marks on the disc, and check the CVs on the drive shafts for excessive play
  9. defected for bent chassis bit?

    we had a car go through regency here in SA recently with a bent chassis and they wont pass it even if it gets fixed, apparently they can write the car off if they choose. Im not sure if the bloke was just being a tool or what, mind you the car was slightly older.
  10. my rb used to do that, i blocked off cold start valve and it stopped it. just idled higher when cold for longer than normal, can also do it if you have a vac leak or atmo bov, iv also seen them where the bov has opened while acc because of higher vac and cause stalling issues until the motor has been switched off and restarted. im not sure why it was doing it, didnt really bother checking i just changed vac source. but yer theres many diff things you may have to go through before finding it
  11. Top work with Quality Items! Great service mate. Ben
  12. Sr20 missing at high revs

    sweet as, oh and dont mind us.. we kind of got off your topic a little lol
  13. Sr20 missing at high revs

    if its doing it when its really hot, could be CAS or coils as i know either dont like lots of heat lol
  14. Sr20 missing at high revs

    borrowed the snapon scan tool from work, fault codes are 11 Crank Angle Sensor/Camshaft Position Sensor. 12 Air Flow Meter/Mass Air Flow Sensor. 34 Knock Sensor. but im guessing code 34 only came up due to it missing, and possibly code 12 due to me unplugging the maf while it was running.. so i reckon my issue is CAS. Woo! now just gotta find a new dizzy. see if you guys can get your cars on a scantool at a workshop as my ECU told me code 55 System Ok. I only found the others because of the scantool.