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r33/s13/180 Drive shafts repairs/new

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Help!!!!Help!!!R33/s13/180sx I have a pair of 6 bolt rear drive shafts that the unijoints are worn out and even worn the casing the joints sit in.

Does anyone know where to get new aftermarket driveshafts complete or is the housing/uni joint available to buy separate.{I call "housing"  the part nearest to diff}

What other cars have same 6 bolt driveshafts??? Nissan Navara look the same but prob  different splines etc? Staglia???

I have tried my local Nissan dealer who quoted $1270 each!!!!!!!f {John Oxley Nissan.the robbers}

If I cant get new i would consider some 2nd hand top condition one if you have any low klm ones pls let me know David 0438861344 



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